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 Nutrition consultation services will be rendered in person in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area.  Phone consultations are available for the following services as well.


This session will include a review of your health history, a discussion of your present eating habits, a general nutrition review, and a brief overview of a health/nutrition plan to suit your needs.


MAINTENENCE VISITS: (30 or 60 minutes)
The first follow-up session will be 60 minutes.  It will include a review of your nutrition plan, goals, and food journal.  The health plan can be discussed and altered as needed.  


KITCHEN MAKEOVER: (90 minutes)

Just like your closet, your kitchen may be in need of a makeover.  Clear out tempting, unnecessary foods and stock up on what your body truly needs.  Out with the old and in with the new!



Do you go to the market when you are starving and buy everything in sight?  Do your kids convince you to buy too much junk food?  Do you know how to make a health-conscious list for the market?  It's time to take a nutritionist with you to the supermarket!   Learn what to buy in an effort to stay on your nutrition plan. 


PRICING:  Please contact the office for the current fee schedule.


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