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A more mindful approach to health, wellness, and nutrition 

Heather Hirsch Tonkins, Certified Nutritionist, provides nutritional guidance and support for individuals of all age groups, who are trying to eat more health consciously, lose weight, and/or maintain weight loss.  Her emphasis is to help clients develop and sustain a more healthy, thoughtful relationship with food.  Heather’s approach underscores the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet, physical activity, mindfulness, and sleep.


Heather earned a Certification in Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness, and Sports from Western Carolina University, which is a partner with Educational Fitness Solutions (EFS). She is a member of the American Nutrition Association.  She did her undergraduate work at the University of California at Santa Barbara (B.A. in Communication Studies) and worked in the entertainment and internet industries for ten years before becoming a nutritionist. 



Tel : 818.825.1575

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